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  • Min. Deposit: $250
  • Max. Leverage: 200:1
  • First Deposit Bonus:
  • Min. Lot Size: 0.1
  • Regulation: FCA


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AlfaTrade Review – Experienced Forex Broker with Great Margins!

The economy around the world is not in good shape. Everyone's looking for a way to earn money and make both ends meet. With advancement in technology we were supposed to get better in all aspects but it seems the world is getting worse financially. This is the reason why people are now grabbing odd jobs, investment opportunities and part time jobs in addition to their regular daytime jobs. One good way of making money on top of what you earn from your regular daytime job is investing in forex. You trade currencies and earn profits from difference in exchange rates.


However, it is only due to brokers like AlfaTrade that forex has become a place of investment and trading for everyone. In the past the brokers only let the rich people take part in this type of trading. With some flexible policies, leverage options and other great features, AlfaTrade has become the favorite broker of many around the world. Let's have a look at what this broker has to offer that makes traders so comfortable from its services.


Types of Accounts


First, AlfaTrade has made sure that doors are opened for all types of people. Whether you are on a budget or have heaps of money, AlfaTrade has accounts available for all. There are 3 main types of accounts available for traders to trade in foreign exchange online. The basic account is named as standard account and this one is meant for people with small capital. This account has a small minimum deposit limit of only $500. There is a huge leverage of 1: 200 available on this account which is the same for premium and professional accounts too.


Minimum spread on this account is of 3 but with a professional account you can get a spread as small as 1.7. All accounts allow you to trade in foreign exchange, CFDs and a huge list of indices. The broker has made it possible for people with premium account to go for micro lot sizes. What it means is that your lot size can be as small as 1000 units only. This takes your risks to the ground and you can trade with peace of mind. For professional account the minimum deposit required from the trader is $10,000. Mirror trading option is available on all account.


Trading Platforms


No online broker can prove to be a good broker unless it offers a good trading platform. A trading platform plays a hugely important role in today's forex trading. This is the place where trader looks at everything that he needs to look at in order to do successful trading. From overall view of the market, indicators, symbols and various analytical tools, the trading platform also comes with features to automate the trading for traders. Currently, MetaTrader 4 is the most popular and reliable trading platform around the world and AlfaTrade has offered this to its traders too.


Mirror Trading platform is available too to allow traders automatic or mirror trading. They can copy the strategies of other expert and experienced traders with the help of mirror trading tool. Mobile MT4 is also one of the options from AlfaTrade. This trading platform is specifically for those who use mobile devices to trade. This mobile version of MetaTrader 4 boasts each and every feature of the desktop version of the software. With automatic trading options, traders can do their work or sleep while the platform does the trading for them.


Deposit And Withdrawal


When you read about the big profits and benefits of trading in the forex market it becomes too luring for you to think of anything else. However, the money depositing and withdrawing methods are things you must never forget to look at. You must always know whether or not your money is in safe hands. AlfaTrade allows its traders to deposit their money not only through credit cards but debit cards, wire transfers and many other money transferring methods too. The base currency of your trading account on the website decides how money will be charged from your account.


Know that if you are using wire transfer then the money will be deposited back AlfaTrade into the same bank that you used for depositing the money. Debit and credit card withdrawals are also possible on the website. Withdrawals that need to be deposited into a bank account by the broker take 5 working days in processing. Of course, the national holidays and other anomalies can delay the payments. Traders are given confirmation numbers when they place a withdrawal request through their online logged in accounts to know the status of their withdrawal at any given moment.


Customer Service And Security


From Monday to Friday the broker is open 24 hours a day to receive the traders' calls and answer their queries. In addition to that, AlfaTrade also has a support email addresses for those who want to have their questions answered and concerns addressed through emails. General information can also be obtained through email or phone. Company's address is also given on the website. The live chat feature is another great option for getting instant help during trading. Lastly, to ensure that all traders can trade on AlfaTrade with the peace of mind and assurance, the broker is proud to state on its own website that it is regulated and audited by FCA.


Not only FCA, which is the regulatory authority in UK, but Alfatrade also complies with the regulatory authorities of other countries where it provides its services. A complete list of regulatory authorities that AlfaTrade complies with is given on the website.




It won't be wrong to say that knowing that your money is going in safe hands and that the company you are giving your money to is regulated by well-known regulatory authorities is just as important as ease of trading. A way to judge a broker is to look at its ease of trading, good leverages, risk management options, safety measures, customer support and an overall smooth experience. From this we can easily conclude that AlfaTrade meets all of those standards and requirements of being a reliable online forex broker.

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  • Forex trading is considered one of the most excellent trading types. It is easy and it generates profits swiftly. However, finding the right and reliable broker for starting out this business remains a challenge. That’s when trustworthy brokers like AlfaTrade are preferred. AlfaTrade has remained responsible in Forex trading brokerage for many years for its simple but most secured transactions and obvious system for all investors. AlfaTrade is perhaps most rarest brokers online that allows even the non-members to watch live performance online. Through live monitoring of so many trades and traders I can always identify the right strategy to trade on. With advanced and most reliable algorithm trading my time never gets wasted while making decisions to execute any trade. Alfatrade, furthermore, takes pride in offering some great spreads. Even as the spreads are very competitive, the most significant part is that they are genuine and realistic, and contain no manipulation.

    Alex Jones

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