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  • Min. Deposit: $5
  • Max. Leverage: 500:1
  • First Deposit Bonus:
  • Min. Lot Size: 0.01
  • Regulation: No Regulation


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Forex Broker Inc. Review – An Exciting and Innovative Brokerage Company

It can be difficult to find a good online broker these days to trust with your investments. The U.S. regulatory authorities are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to unregulated offshore brokers and that means that fewer and fewer online brokers are willing to accept US traders. Meanwhile, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many of the brokers that

do accept US traders are brokers you wouldn't want to go with. There are any number of warning stories on the web about brokers that try to scam their customers and it's generally very difficult to find a broker for US customers that you can completely trust.


Fortunately, Forex Broker Inc. is one broker that is still accepting US customers and that you can completely trust. They have a fantastic reputation within the industry and they have been offering traders a great service now for a long time. They have very low spreads and 24 hour support five days a week and generally provide one of the very best all-round packages for anyone interested in trading online.


In this Forex Broker Inc. review, we will look in detail at what makes the company such a great choice for your trading and at why you should consider them for your own investments.


Trading Platforms


Traders using Forex Broker Inc. will be able to choose from a variety of different trading platforms which is advantageous right away in that it offers a good amount of flexibility and ensures you can trade in a variety of manners.


Specifically, there are five trading platforms available which are:

  • Meta Trader 4
  • Meta Trader Mobile
  • Sirix WebTrader
  • Sirix Tablet
  • iPhone Trader


Between these different methods you will have the option to trade through downloaded desktop software, in-browser software that lets you trade without having to download anything and smartphone apps that mean you can trade anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


This kind of flexibility is something not afforded by all of the competition and it is a huge boon to traders choosing this broker. It means that you can trade in the way that bests suits you and that you'll have the flexibility to trade in a variety of different situations.


Meta Trader 4 is one of the most popular trading platforms and this is owing to its reliability as well as its number of useful features and intuitive interface. The fact that it is so widely used means you may already be familiar with it and if not you'll be able to find plenty of support and be safe in the knowledge that it is tried and tested by thousands of other traders.


Account Types


When you sign up with Forex Broker Inc. you will have the option of one of three account types.

These are:

  • Gold ECN Account
  • Platinum ECN Account
  • And Platinum Variable Spread Account


Another great advantage of choosing Forex Broker Inc. over other trading platforms is the fact that the minimum initial deposit is only a tiny $5. This means you don't need to amass a huge amount of capital in order to start trading – you can simply take a fiver in order to start. This is very reassuring for new traders who perhaps are not ready yet to start putting down large sums of money. It's also just generally a show of good faith and it demonstrates how this broker lets you trade on your own terms.

Forex Broker will also be soon introducing another type of account called the 'VIP' account. This account will offer a range of additional VIP services and a welcome bonus of 120%. Welcome bonuses are relatively common among brokers but the norm is for them to go up to 100% and not above. They also offer a loyalty bonus up to 35%.


Commission and Spreads


Spreads at Forex Broker Inc. start very low at just 0.3 pips for major pairs. Platinum users will be able to get spreads from 1 pip. As previously mentioned, they also provide a rather enticing loyalty bonus which starts at 15% and goes up to 35% on VIP accounts. They offer up to 1:500 leverage so there is a lot of profit to be made.


Customer Support


When you choose a broker you should always make sure to look for one with great customer support. Forex Broker Inc. is just such a company and offers 24 hour support five days a week. They invite you to get in touch via e-mail, Live Chat or phone call and this means you have a variety of means for getting the help and advice you need.

They are always willing and eager to lend their advice and they are highly knowledgeable and very helpful. In short, if you have any problems you can be sure that they'll be on hand to help you sort them out and it's this sort of assurance that enables you to keep trading with peace of mind.


Deposits and Withdrawals


Forex Broker Inc. also make life very easy with their options for deposits and withdrawals. Customers can deposit money using a range of credit and debit cards, Neteller or wire transfer. Traders can start with a deposit as low as $5 going all the way up to $10,000. Wire transfers take between 3 to 5 days and this is the same for deposits as it is for withdrawals.


The great thing about Forex Broker Inc. is that they make it incredibly easy to get at your money when you need it. The process of withdrawing is quick and simple and they will never reject your withdrawal unlike some of the other less trustworthy options.




In short, Forex Broker Inc. offer everything you could want from a broker and more. They support a wide variety of different trading platforms, they have very low minimum deposits and they provide great support.

They also have a very high welcome bonus and low spreads. They have an excellent reputation and best of all, they are still accepting US customers!

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