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  • Min. Deposit: $100
  • Max. Leverage: 200:1
  • First Deposit Bonus:
  • Min. Lot Size: N/A
  • Regulation: FSCL (NZ)


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xCFD Review – A New Forex Broker With a Very Promising Future

In the last few years a lot of new brokers and trading platforms have been popping up providing many new ways to trade and start making money. xCFD is one such new forex broker and is in fact one of the very newest having only been founded in August 2013. They are based in New Zealand but don't let their relatively new status fool you – this is a company that has already built itself a great reputation and that is clearly seriously about making a great entry into the world of forex trading. They are regulated by the Financial Services Complaints (FCS).


One of the ways that xCFD is setting itself apart is by offering seriously tight spreads – some of the very lowest around. On top of this, they also make it very easy to start trading. You only need a relatively small initial deposit of $100 to gain a 50% welcome bonus. Many other traders require you to put in a much bigger sum of money before they start rewarding you with bonuses so this is a great feature for those starting out. To further lure in new clientele they even often offer gifts such as iPads and Macbooks for deposits. If you're interested in setting up with a new broker this is definitely something worth checking out!


As a new broker this company is also ahead of the curve in many ways. For example? They accept the crypto currency 'bitcoin' which is currently very popular.




xCFD uses a proprietary trading platform which allows them to provide a number of unique features. This platform is very advanced, reliable and feature rich and allows you to easily trade all the products in your portfolio with just one account. The system is intuitive to use and this ensures you can trade quickly (there is a super low latency of 10ms). Security is also tight and as mentioned the platform also enables you to trade in bitcoins. If this is something you're interested in – or that you may be interested in future – then xCFD might just be the broker for you. It's an exciting feature and something that more companies should really begin offering.


xCFD also lets you trade a variety of products. These include not only forex but also stocks, options, indices and bonds. A live price feed helps you to stay up to date with information.


Trading Accounts


xCFD boasts the ability for customers to trade a variety of products on a single platform. There aren't a large variety of different trading accounts which actually helps to keep things simple – everything can be done through the one type of account.


They also provide some interesting promotions at times. Sometimes it is actually possible to open an account with no deposit and in doing so you'll right away get a $30 bonus (note that this is an offer and subject to change). As mentioned earlier, if you put down a $100 deposit or more you'll get a welcome bonus of 50% right away.


Commissions and Spreads


One of the key advantages of choosing xCFD is that you'll get access to some of the very lowest spreads. Traders will often pay as little as 0.1-0.4 pips on major currency pairs which keeps things as cheap as possible and helps you to get the very best profit margins.


Customer Support


We always emphasize the importance of great customer support when choosing any broker or trading platform. It is essential when you open an account with any broker that you know you can get in touch whenever you have any questions and get a fast and helpful answer. This way you'll never be stuck with any problems that prevent you from trading and you'll never be at risk of losing your funds.


The platform is reliable and intuitive to use so actually user questions should be at a minimum with this broker – but the good news is that if you do have queries they are also very fast to get back to you. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and they are really serious about responding incredibly quickly and providing lots of helpful information. You also have a range of options when it comes to how you want to get in touch – you can get support by e-mail or telephone and the typical response time is an exemplary 3 minutes.


Withdrawal and Deposits


Similarly important with any broker is that it is easy and simple to deposit and withdraw funds from your account. This is another area where xCFD really excel. They accept transfers using a number of different methods and allow you to get your cash quickly and easily when you need it. Some of the less reputable brokers have a bad reputation for preventing customers from accessing their cash – this is something that a well renowned broker like xCFD would never do. Your money is just that: yours.




xCFD is based in New Zealand which means they need to adhere to particularly strict requirements in order to operate. They work hard to meet the criteria mandated by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group of New Zealand and ensure that all traders must provide proof of identity. All of their transactions are secured and all your data is protected. They offer security through means such as QUALYS SECURE and Digicert so you can rest assured that your details and your funds will be safe.




All in all, xCFD is a fantastic new broker with a promising future owing to a number of great things. Not only has the company already built itself a great reputation for reliability and security but they also offer a number of enticing advantages. By supporting bitcoins they not only provide a range of intriguing possibilities for traders who are ahead of the curve but they also demonstrate themselves to be right at the cutting edge and definitely a forward thinking organization.


In addition to all this they also support a wide range of financial products, they have great incentives for those starting out and they have incredibly low spreads.

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