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ZuluTrade Review – Should You Trust Them With Your Cash?

ZuluTrade is a highly popular and very powerful company that offers something a little different on top of the rest of the competition. This is not your average trading platform but rather is a 'hybrid Forex Signal Provider and managed account network'. What this essentially means is that it will show you the trade signals of the world's very best traders and then automatically execute them in your personal broker account completely free.


What does this mean? It means that you essentially get an army of the very best traders in the world carrying out trades on your behalf and growing your money for you while you reap the rewards. While no trading is without risk, this is a system that is as 'foolproof' as possible and it offers huge advantages for anyone who is looking to earn a lot of money with trading but isn't sure how to get started.




The ZuluTrade.com website is a part of ZuluTrade inc., which in turn is a financial services company based in New York City. As is often the case with trading companies, they have main operations based in Cyprus as well as in Hong Kong and Greece. They were founded in 2007 and the website perfectly bridges the gap between useful information for money markets and trade execution. This is a completely unique service and something that you can truly stand to benefit from.


So how does it all work? Basically, some traders with ZuluTrade will be 'Signal Providers'. These people will trade on either Demo or Live accounts and their results will be published through the website publicly. Better yet, each time the signal provider makes a trade, this will be shared with all other Demo and Live accounts as a 'broadcasting signal'.


Signal Providers will be monitored for their success levels and those that are making lots and lots of profitable trades will gradually get added to more and more ZuluTraders' portfolios.


Every trade generated by the Signal Provider will earn them half a pip per lot. The value of a pip will vary based on currency fluctuations but as a general guideline it will tend to be about $4 per trade.


This is a fantastic win-win situation for every type of user. For the Signal Providers it means you can advise others on trades and make a profit without risking any of your own capital – potentially making a huge amount of money if you generate a large following. For everyone else, the automated trading will ensure that they're making money without even needing any knowledge of the markets.


The system is such a success that the platform has since been adopted by many other brokers include FXCM, iTradeFX, Forex.com and more.


Additional Features


If you aren't already convinced that ZuluTrade is the platform for you, then the variety of other great features might well be the icing on the cake.


One extra feature for instance is 'ZuluGuard' which is a special account protection feature. This monitors the behavior of every trader on the platform and this way removes bad traders with radical trading strategies. This can protect users against bad advice but also helps to make your account more secure by flagging suspect behavior.


ZuluTrade also has a patented technology that allows two types of traders to operate at the same time. Professional traders can improve their trading systems and build client bases while completely automated trading lets others earn a passive income – making money while you sleep! The website also has a 'simple' and 'advanced' mode which is perfect for beginners and experts respectively. A TradeWall also provides the benefits of social trading, letting you see how other traders are operating in a manner similar to your Facebook wall.


The Platform


Signal Providers can trade through two methods. Either they can use the ZuluTrade Platform which works in the browser, or they can use the ZuluTrading API to manually open, close and manage trades. You can link either a live or demo account to the MetaTrader4 platform which is a feature-rich software option that will give you full control over your trading.


Types of Account


The easiest way to start using ZuluTrade is to open an account through a broker that uses the ZuluTrade system. These brokers include AVAFX. From there, you will then need to open an account with Zulutrade.com. If you just want to benefit from the automated trading then you only need open the account directly with Zulutrade.com.


Accounts can be opened using USD, JPY, EUR, GBP and AUD and setting up is very easy. Registration takes no time and account options include a 'standard account' and 'mini account'. Another useful feature is the ability to open up to 10 Signal Provider accounts using a single e-mail address.


Customer Support


Customer support is a highly important aspect of any trading platform and ZuluTrade does not disappoint in this regard. Not only is their support team on hand to help 24/7 but they also provide support to 10 different countries and through a variety of means. You can get in touch via email, phone or Live Chat.


Meanwhile, social features allow you to get advice from fellow traders while the website itself also provides a lot of helpful info.




On top of their great customer support, ZuluTrade will also put you at ease with their excellent security. This is a large and highly reputable company that encrypts all your details and ensures that they will never fall into the wrong hands.




The wide range of unique features offered by ZuluTrade clear mark them out as industry leaders. More to the point, they are highly beneficial to any type of trader. If you're very confident in your skills, then becoming a Signal Provider is an amazing opportunity to potentially profit without having to put in any upfront capital of your own. For those with less experience, the option to benefit from the trading expertise of others means that anyone can start making serious money.

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